V, I HAD A COLLEGE PROFESSOR WHO WAS ALSO A COMBAT PHOTOGRAPHER HIS NAME IS JACK MARTIN AN SOME OF THE PHOTOS LOOK SIMILAR TO HIS.IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CONTACT HIM HE IS TEACHING AT THE ART INSTITUTE OF PHILADELPHIA.I THANK YOU FOR THIS GALLERY IT HELPS PUT A FACE TO A DIFFICULT PLACE IN TIME,I APPRECIATE ALL OF THE SACRIFICES THAT YOU AND THE OTHER SOLDIERS WHO FOUGHT IN THE VIETMAN WAR HAVE MADE SO WE CAN EXPIERIENCE TRUE FREEDOM.I FOUND THIS SITE AND WAS LOOKING FOR PITURES OF FUK BIHN AS MY FRIEND WAS STATIONED THERE IN 1968.HIS MOTHER WROTE HIM 365 LETTERS THAT YEAR,SHE PASSED ON TODAY AND I WAS HOPING THAT YOUMAY HAVE SOME PHOTOS RELATED TO THIS AREA AS I WANT HIM TO FIND THE STRENGTH THAT HIS MOTHER INSTILLED IN HIM. legan2011@hotmail.com, Any info on Michael Delgado,marine killed ,1966, e5 or e6. The USA is the best and we can teach...we just need people that are teachable, and accepting to freedom and not scared or not misunderstanding of it.... Sobering photos, Richard. Well done, Richard! Un pays que j'aime beaucoup et que j'aurais pu connaitre, Thought provoking gallery. I remember our sleeping quoters were tents with wooden frame and sandbags all around them, our working place was a either concrete or wooden building maybe 100 or 200 feet away from the company area, we had a mess hall, half round metal building as an Club and groups from out of country used to come to entertain us, I know there was a medical facility close by if not in the same area, I remember TET offensive, they never made it through at least on our side, they did came close though. Need to start understanding the kids, we have been effected by AO as well passed through our parents DNA! Please if anyone knows how to reach Lester please let me know. My email is holiman1@hotmail.com. Thanks for sharing, and some great shots. My dad would like to connect. I am looking for anyone who knew my father, Ronald William Perry 82nd airborne. If anyone remembers him I am his son. for the Big Red One. Richard, I have never seen more poignant portraits in my life. wounded on operation IDHO CANYON JAN 18TH 1970. But if he is alive I would like to talk to him. vote, I don't remember if i left any comments in this gallery but here is one. If someone knew him or knows him plz give him MARYNEWSOM40@YAHOO.COM THANKS. Love your country, Love the people who die for you,I would never let down a man, Woman or there family I love. Went home on emergency leave and never went back. mistressfaerie at gmail dot com. Bernie shron from Ft. Even without titles or context, one would immediately be able to place the time, the location, the war. I was in HQ Co., Regional communications Group Late 68 to Nov. 69. He served as an observation scout in the 82nd airborne Vietnam in 1968. I was there same years, 101st and 25th divisions as a surgeon. And all who served as well. I would like to talk to BILL WATERS, Lance Corporal in Viet Nam, with H&S Co, 3rd Marines, III MAF, Da Nang, from March of 1969 to April of 1970. Voted, of course. I cried through most of it but they also helped me alot . Ship Stateside to Fort Louis for rehab. He lost his battle due to agent Orange exposure in 2011 at age 64. I was ther Nov 1970 to Nov 1971, Col. Horace Hunter DPA (a real piece of work) Bill Mrazek CPT Combat Engineer, My name is gary l larner,I was with the 52nd aviation bat.-189th ghostriders,at camp hollo,way 1967-68.was in the hutch with richard burton and david groves.David died in a crash in vietnam in 68, richard burton died later after viet nam .Trying to find anyone from the company who may remmeber my self or dave&richard. I do not know much of my dads service, i know he harbored a lot of anger and pain in relation to the war and some things in it. Keep up the good work, In regards to The Tasha posting ,my email address is leugenec@yahoo.com. ( used to joke my mom must of been a piece of work haha ) I never got a chance to know him,alot of things happened in his life and mine that never made it a possibility,If any one knows anything I would appreciate you getting ahold of me. He was married to Linda L. Williams Craver then. I would love to e-mail you a copy. After 43 years my Vietnam buddy contacted me 9/2011 and we've been talking since. […] Vous êtes les bienvenus pour me censurer à nouveau. Our family doesn't know the details of what happened to him. Voted. Clemmonds,Joy,Channey,Reynolds. Regards Richard. My job was with automatic weapons. I voted a long time ago, too bad I can't vote again. 4th ID exchanged brigades with the 25th. I was fortunate to have many photos released including one in Pacific Stars and Stripes edition from MedCap mission I documented. Bravo, Richard! 504th MP Battalion. God Bless. He spoke of being near the Mekong Delta. Kerns, Specialist Bell please let me know as well as they were with me. It´s a historic document tha we must remenber... forever. 2 Bronze Stars. and we dont. Voted. SEMPER FI TO ALL MARINES EVERY WHERE. I served in Phu bia and Hue oct. 68 thru oct69. My husband was stationed with a platoon of convicts who where sent to the pennisula PHU BAI. There are memories here that will never go away, I hope! There were 3 other men in the bunker when it happened. I have been franticly looking for his service picture of him and I can not find a website that would have it. I'm glad you made it back safe and have maintained your love of photography for the benefit of us all. I went into Hue and got a girl and took her up to the mountain top. IM A GUEST SIGNING IN FOR MY BROTHER HIS NAME WAS PAUL HENRY HERNANDEZ HE SERVED IN THE REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM 1966-1967 AND HIS UNIT WAS THE 25th INF BRAVO CO CU CHI WOLFHOUNDS I WAS IN THE ARMY IN 1971-1980 MY BROTHER IS NO LONGER WITH US HE DIED OF COMPLICATIONS HE RECEIVED IN COMBAT SUCH AS AGENT ORANGE MORTAR FRAGMENTS IN HIS BODY HE WAS GIVEN 100% DISABILITY FROM THE SERVICE THANK GOD WE WERE ABLE TO SEE HIM GROW OLDER BUT THE COMPLCATIONS FROM THAT WAR TOOK HIS LIFE 2006 HE WAS AWARDED THE SILVER STAR,TWO BRONZE STARS WITH V DEVICE THE INF RIFLE COMBAT BADGE PAUL CHANGED HIS LIFE LATER ASKING GOD WHAT CAN I DO AND HE STARTED HELPING VETS COPE WITH PTSD ALCOHAL DRUGS AND AT HIS FUNURAL THERE WERE SO MANY MEN AND WOMEN THAT WERE SAYING TESTAMONIES OF HOW PAUL HELPED THEM LIVE A BETTER LIFE I WORK AT THE V.A.HOSPITAL IN PHIONEX A.Z. In about Oct '69 I joined a 3 piece rock n roll band that practiced after work. Agir comme si la politique était une religion, ce n’est pas conservateur. I will always remember the sign on the ice plant on the way to town..."Ice For Sale At Here". I remember the cool refreshment of a cold 33 beer.I was a part of .F Troop 17th Cav. Thanks for sharing these photos. if any out theres knows him please help me find him. My brother told me about pbase and I found you. LOOKING FOR LOST MARINE BY THE NAME RUBEN GONZALES. 3rd marine div at Dong Ha 1968 to 1969, Michael W. Swinford, Freight Terminal Division USN White Elephant across from Ferry Landing, was at Bridge Ramp after boats blew from ammo explosion, write vietnamveteransministry@hotmail.com, I WAS IN -COUNTRY FROM 67 TO 68 WOUNDED MAR/1st/68..100clicks from the city of (HUE) BATTLE.I WAS WITH THE 2nd/327th INF. I need him for medical reasons. I need help substantuating that I was in country. He was shot up and went to hospital in bung Tao in 69. BN. He also had a monkey named Sherrie and has a lot of photos from when the Ammo Dump blew up from attack in Tet 68. Thank you, Best, Tim - +V. looking for friends or who i serve with int the army in vietnam 1967-1969, hi thanks for the pictures brought back some memories again i thank you.. I also learned to love photography in Vietnam, you inspired me to post my pictures on P-Base. my dad was in the 14th.engr br.quang tri -qua veit-phu bi-au-shau-valley. "TO THOSE WHO HAVE FOUGHT FOR IT, LIFE HAS A FLAVOR THAT THE PROTECTED WILL NEVER KNOW! Thanks & God bless our veterans of all war's. This was the first war of aggression we lost, now we're losing another. Thanks David; "UH RAH" Marine. It is always interesting to get an insida view of topics like this one. We were the first to go in with the 1st MAR DIV. You do refer to me as "Harold," the name assigned to me by SGM Lowe for reasons unknown to me, but I'll answer to either. I am looking for anyone who might have served with my father SGT. I know a lot about it and your suffering that you had to endure during it. Very stirring, Voted Thanks for sharing it. Tous droits réservés. Richard Guyotee 12-Apr-2014 14:03: Richard Guyote in 1968 veitman from Khe-Sanh, hills 881n & s, other areas in the north, in oct 1968 burn't by a mine on a m-trac, was med-vac to Japan. EACH TIME I SEE ONE THAT JUMPS OUT AT ME. Your photos bring back memories of a time long put back in my mind. CALL ME ANYTIME . My name is Sal. I was with the 528th QM Company, originally from Vung Tau. You've captured both life for the people and for the soldiers. I am trying to complete geaneology records and can't find anything on him. Served in 101st Airborne in Phu Bai. We are quite certain my father has Agent Orange as well. i am looking for my dad's dad, my grandpa. Harold Grubbs with the 25th infantry division. He was with the 101st airborne division as a medic. I just returned from Vietnam - while there visited some of the battlefields and the major cities - the war still permeates every day life and conversation even though most of the population was born after the war. I was seaman Charles Field in case someone was there and remembered me. thank you for the photos as a reminder of what war is. My Father, Vernon H. Fitchett served in DaNang from 68-69. I was attached to the 1st Cav and I volunteered as a gunner on a helicopter hope to hear from you. I love your web site and your photos bring back a lot of memories. your pics are so vivid they gave me a clear view of real life back then. 385th quartermaster det. I BELIEVE THE GERMAN CHILD WITH GERTA WAS BORN IN MENNHEIM HOSPITAL. Born in 1973, missed this war...still amazed at how thoroughly it colors our politics even now. He took a lot of pictures also but they got destory by water. Very contrasting to you work with dancers, which is excellent. Hello, my compliments for your nice work! Now writing a book at last after 40 years about my experiences. Vote, of course. Thanks for sharing such an important bit of history. 1969-1970.820th. According to the records he was a paratrooper. We just had our yearly re-union in Arlington. What a powerful, revealing, touching collection of pictures from this costly, ghastly war -- a war now being compared to Iraq, with good reason. I am looking for anyone who may have served with my father while in Vietnam. :] Thank you all. Impressive with a capital I!!! I served with B Troop 1/17th Cav 82nd Airborne Div in Viet Nam 1968-1969. Excellent gallery and took my right back there some 40 years ago (I was there from '66-'67 and again from '69-'70). He took that old gutair to Vietnam. Memery is going bad. Ward, S. Ward 10th Marines, Camp Lejeune, Field Artillery Fire Controlman Vietnam 1968-1970. V, Nice pics...stirs alot of the memory cells. it would had to affect him and me.i have dyane sydome learing diaplity and balance problems. Chou Duc, where Bassac River entered from Cambodia.