The KJF focuses its work on creating, managing and implementing a wide variety of projects. El corredor ceretà anuncia a "Els matins" de TV3 una pausa fins al mes de juny abans de començar nous reptes a les muntanyes. Mountains play a key role in our global system. That’s only an example of the scale of the human impact on earth. The KJF facilitates contacts between actors involved, technical cooperation and resource mobilization. Kilian Jornet has a seemingly superhuman performance capacity, which has already led to many records on his part. D’abord en 2017, où il est devancé par François d’Haene . Aware of the fact challenges ahead are daunting, Kilian wanted to reach out and take action. Find solutions and actions to preserve mountain environments in order to fight climate change. With the purpose of achieving the Foundation’s mission and goals, we base our work on three pillars. Decrease negative threats to mountain biodiversity. Ses échecs les plus marquants, Kilian Jornet les connait sur l’Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, dont il est le codétenteur de victoires. Paperback Currently unavailable. — kilian jornet (@kilianj) November 12, 2020. À cause d'une douleur à la jambe droite, le Catalan a abandonné vendredi soir après 134,8 km et 10h24' d'effort. Directed by Sébastien Montaz-Rosset, the film is the story of a journey to the heart of Nepal. Issue briefings and reports, studies, publications and working with media. This post was news to the ultra running world and it created a stir. Citizens have had access to educational programs and have developed their environmental capacity and are highly environmentally conscious and act according to their best practices in order to have a positive impact especially on mountain environments. Kilian Jornet. Raising awareness is a very important part of our task at the KJF. Pas les siennes, mais celles des meilleurs dans chaque domaine de la course à pied. Par la rédaction. Kilian Jornet ha dit prou. Réseau sportif regroupant 284 disciplines, des pratiquants amateurs, débutants et professionnels, des clubs et associations sportives, des coachs et préparateurs physiques. Together with the asphalt running shoe and ultra-background SALOMON SLAB PHANTASM, which we presented to you in 2020, this SALOMON SLAB PULSAR completes the duo of novelties for asphalt and mountain launched to the market to be designed directly with Kilian Jornet. While accomplishing extraordinary adventures/ deeds around the world/worldwide, Kilian realized mountain environments are facing serious hazards. Help individuals, companies and institutions on their sustainable transition. We continuously strive to redefine the standard of quality in everything we do. We consider research a decisive and very useful factor when it comes to mountain environments preservation. which ensure their ownership and sustainability. Live Kilian Jornet 24h, sa tentative de record à suivre en direct: Ca y’est c’est le jour J pour Kilian Jornet. Since an early age he developed a very unique relationship with mountains and their environments, he has always felt very grateful and appreciative for such an opportunity. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Facilitate research and knowledge sharing in order to deepen the public understanding of climate change and the devastation of ecosystems in mountain environments. Build and implement sustainable solutions to minimize human impact. So, we are open to ideas that challenge the conventional approaches and embrace innovation. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Reach out to a variety of actors involved in mountain environment preservation and proactively share and develop existing guidelines on sustainable outdoors activities. Kilian Jornet is the dominant mountain runner of all time and among the world’s greatest athletes. Kilian has embarked on some colossal personal challenges that will test his fitness, resolve and skills far beyond the reaches of his career so far. Surrounded by the mountains and people who are his inspiration, in ‘Path to Everest’, the mountain athlete Kilian Jornet reveals his most intimate fears, contradictions and passions. Inspired to try to be part of the change, Kilian has founded the Kilian Jornet Foundation, which aims to preserve mountain environments through research, direct action and education. The ongoing overexploitation of natural resources negatively contributes to global warming, ozone layer depletion, land degradation and environmental pollution. Hold public events, conferences, workshops and trainings. We are direct and want to get things done. We aim to generate and to deliver qualitative and quantitative outputs with a positive impact on mountain environments. While this vision should be carried in a global scale we believe that community strength and small steps lead towards bigger transitions and that’s the aim this foundation was born for, to work on preserving one of the biggest natural spaces towards a better future for all the inhabitants of earth.¨. The same way Kilian has accomplished unthinkable landmarks; it is time for us to get involved in a very challenging endeavour too, protect our mountains and their environments. The third pillar is direct actions. It is important to engage all actors involved, to improve and update the current mountains regions approach. Climate change is endangering mountain environments. Our implementing project approach is ecological, respectful and is tailored to each context. Members with different backgrounds are proactively engaged and committed to sustainable mountain environments preservation. Il s'est même offert le luxe de terminer sa course au sprint. Accountability and transparency are inherent to our philosophy. Kilian Jornet, the most decorated trail runner in the history of the sport and the man who summited Mount Everest twice in one week has set his sights on a new athletic challenge. Although mountain environments are different throughout the world, they share many of the same problems as they are very vulnerable natural areas. Collect innovative scientific and technical knowledge. El corredor ha fet una primera pausa per a estirar-se, i pocs minuts després de reprendre la cursa ha llençat la tovallola. He wants to play not only in the mountains yet play a part on saving, protecting and preserving mountain environments. In April 2015, ultra runner Kilian Jornet is preparing for an expedition to Everest as part of his project, `Summits of My Life’, together with alpinist Jordi Tosas and filmmaker Sébastien Montaz-Rosset. They are a key component at the KJF. Jornet tells me that they spent less than a month total in Tibet, the first ten days on 26,864-foot Cho Oyu, before moving on to Everest Base Camp, at the foot of the Rongbuk Glacier. We will develop the capacity to endure and overcome hardship. Perseverance and Resilience. We pursue to educate and inform people and actors involved about our cause, mountain environments preservation. Curieux d’explorer de nouvelles pistes, le coureur de 32 ans s’était lancé le défi de passer la ligne d’arrivée en moins de 30 minutes. Without them and their environment there would be no life, and that is why it is essential to conserve and manage them sustainably. We aim for the planet’s and mountain environments well-being. Advocate to reduce and stop the pollution in natural areas and especially in mountain areas. Prime Video £0.00 with a Prime membership. Learn more about the life, the training and the convictions of this exceptional athlete. Organize and facilitate seminars, conferences, workshops and information-sharing platforms between stakeholders. The trailer was released on Wednesday and dates have been set for the premières in Spain.. L'objectiu era sumar el màxim de quilòmetres. by Kilian Jornet | 23 Oct 2018. Kilian Jornet en direct : c’est ce soir ! Kilian Jornet runs flat out. Volunteerism. We care about the contents we generate and the message we convey, we are strongly committed to a real transformation within our scope of action. The changes the planet is undergoing directly affect mountain settings, but also all those who depend on them: fauna, flora and us, as humans. For me, you seem to be in perfect shape. Study the mountain’s role in the ecosystem and biosphere and the impact of human activity. Simplicity. The Spaniard Kilian Jornet has numerous records and great victories in trail running and ski mountaineering to his name. Throughout his career Kilian has become a committed environmental activist. The Foundation acts as an open and inclusive platform to facilitate and gather ideas, resources and strategic collaborations. We pay special attention to those focusing on environmental sustainability, sports, social and educational issues. We need to rethink our economic and productivity models to become fairer for nature and for our society. SALOMON S-LAB PULSAR: KILIAN’S FAST & LIGHT TRAILRUNNING SHOE. We contribute to a more sustainable future for our mountains by promoting an educational approach on how a good relationship between humans and our mountains should be.The KJF organizes technical courses, workshops and training sessions to broaden the knowledge and perspective of a variety of beneficiaries involved in mountain environments preservation. At the KJF we are keen on underlining the personal worth of the individual, and the added value of joint individual efforts. Humanistic. On a long November night, ultrarunner Kilian Jornet trains on a never-ending knife-edge ridge overlooking the dark fjords. Barcelona, 14/02/2018- Kilian Jornet’s Summits of My Life project has reached completion with the documentary “Path to Everest”. La distància més llarga registrada fins ara va ser establerta el 1997 per Yiannis Kouros, que va completar 303,5 quilòmetres en un dia. Would you agree?” As one would expect, Kilian looked away from me a little embarrassed by such a direct … Our ethical commitment starts within the foundation and it applies to our  social and corporate responsibility. A dynamic multi disciplinary team with a strong commitment with nature, mountains, social justice and human rights. We aspire to reach as many different organizations and individuals as possible. We raise awareness about the need to preserve glaciers and mountain environments ,  as well as highlighting the consequences of global warming in the environment. When he was a child Kilian Jornet made a list of all the races he’d like to win and all the mountains he dreamt of climbing. Openness and inclusivity. De quoi devenir fou et faire exploser son corps en mille morceaux. Raise awareness and access to comprehensible resources and information. Kilian started a foundation in his name in 2018, since he strongly believes mountain environments protection and preservation are crucial for the planet’s wellbeing. “I have been climbing mountains and crossing glaciers my whole life, and I could observe how the effects of the climate change have been devastating. Scientific research. The main mission of the Kilian Jornet Foundation is the preservation of mountains and their environment. ‘‘A society where humans live with a sustainable use of the natural resources to ensure the quality of life for all the species, including ours leads to a more equitable society. Kilian Jornet est définitivement un des coureurs les plus complets de l'histoire. I don’t think I have seen you so fit and strong. Implement cleaning actions in polluted areas. These factors pose a serious threat to mountain environments. We aim to generate and to deliver qualitative and quantitative outputs with a positive impact on mountain environments, which ensure their ownership and sustainability. Although his most recent record attempt in 24-hour running failed, his popularity has not been diminished. We embrace interactions, collaborations and partnerships of different nature with a variety of stakeholders and potential beneficiaries. Kilian Jornet, is a Catalan professional sky runner, trail runner, ski mountaineer, long-distance runner and alpinist, referred as the all round mountain athlete. At the KJF we give priority to the quality and the quantity of inputs and outputs generated by those actively engaged. Help financing research and monitoring studies focusing on climate change effects and pollution in mountain environments. The foundation generates synergies and establishes partnerships with a variety of stakeholders, which will engage and invest in the protection and preservation of mountain environments. Innovating entails transforming new ideas into tangible results, which we apply to the entire foundation. Do you have an interesting mountain related project to share with us ? Projects and actors involved in the Foundation are fundamental, yet we emphasize the contents of the messages to be delivered. The trailer was released on Wednesday and dates have been set for the premières in Spain.. 2017 | CC. We all have a role in reversing this tendency and ensure that the next generations are able not only to play in the mountains but to live in a healthy planet. kilian jornet's achievements and records Kilian officially started as a skier in 1999 in the cross country modality, and participated in the Spanish Cup in 2000 in the La Molina race. Kilian Jornet a échoué dans sa quête de battre le record de 24 heures sur piste. La resta és un 70% a casa i un 10% en viatges, en cotxe o socialitzant. Kilian Jornet Interview: About His New Foundation, His Own Environmental Impact, and How He Wants To Help Athletes and The Outdoor Industry To Protect Nature. Let’s learn from Kilian, be brave, find a way and take a stand on this cause, let’s be grateful for everything mountains offer us and proactively take care of them. Commitment to environmental sustainability. The Foundation creates or funds projects aimed at solving environmental problems in the mountains. The Foundation creates or funds projects aimed at solving environmental problems in the mountains. It was BIG news. Different actors and sectors in society –public and private- increase their involvement in the existing worldwide networks, conventions, International Organizations, multidisciplinary initiatives focused on mountain environments preservation. Acknowledging how bureaucratic and intricate some institutions can be, we thrive for being dynamic and decisive. The Foundation aims to promote individual and collective direct actions. Kilian Jornet va abandonar aquest divendres el repte de córrer durant 24 hores.Quan portava 337 voltes es va haver d'aturar. Although his most recent record attempt in 24-hour running failed, his popularity has not been diminished. We can directly or indirectly positively contribute to a global and sustainable. I believe the Kilian Jornet today is a different person to 1-year ago. Son objectif : battre le record du monde détenu depuis 1997 par le Grec Yannis Kouros avec 303,506 km. Directe: Anar a la navegació secundària. Through its own communication channels and external ones, the Foundation ensures awareness of the importance of preserving the environment, using education to establish a better relationship between humans and mountains. This month, wearing the new Salomon S/LAB Phantasm road racing shoes, he will step on the 400-metre (¼ mile) track in Måndalen, Norway and run for 24 consecutive hours. 16 avril 2019 | News. When he was a child Kilian Jornet made a list of all the races he’d like to win and all the mountains he dreamt of climbing. Light upon new practices and especially artificial carbon trapping technologies, to lessen CO2 emissions. “I have been taught since I was a kid about the need to protect the environment, and I … Mainstream UN SDG goals linked to our cause. Contact us! We prioritize innovative, sustainable and accessible projects. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. La star espagnole de l'Ultra Trail, Kilian Jornet, tente ce vendredi 27 et 28 novembre 2020 de battre le record du monde de course en 24h, sur une piste d'athlétisme en Norvège. Ce vendredi à 10h30, la star de l’utra-trail Kilian Jornet va s’attaquer à un incroyable défi : 24 heures sur une piste d’athlétisme. Worn by Kilian Jornet during his 24-hour running attempt and tested by top athletes during its research and development phase, the S/LAB Phantasm is a lightweight road racing shoe designed to disappear on your feet and help you spend less time on the ground. We fund our own projects and ones from third parties of similar nature to solve sensitive environmental mountain related problems. A new paradigm has to be agreed upon and accordingly implemented. Develop curricula material for different educational groups. The main mission of the Kilian Jornet Foundation is the preservation of mountains and their environment. Le roi de l’ultra-trail Kilian Jornet s’est essayé, samedi dernier, à Hytteplanmila, une course sur route de 10 kilomètres qui a lieu à Hole, au sud-ouest de la Norvège, à 400 km d’Oslo. Just the thought that mountain man, climber, skier, alpinist, explorer and adventurer, Kilian Jornet, would contemplate … The Foundation has its own priorities and agenda, yet we welcome a wide range of inputs which can possibly fall in our goals and strategic plan. “In my short lifetime I’ve seen glaciers disappear. Prepare reports on the state of mountain environments. We believe the responsibility of preserving mountain environments relies upon all of us. With a universal respect and knowledge of nature as a key value, where nature is integrated in everyone’s life and where natural spaces are wider and wilder. Kilian Jornet's most intimate film reviews the path that has taken him to the highest peak in the world, also showing us his most personal face, with his fears, his contradictions and his illusions to keep looking for new challenges that allow him to keep dreaming, surrounded by mountains and those who inspire him. Jornet will be the visible face of the foundation, which will focus its work on three main areas to help preserve mountain environments: Direct actions: Creating or financing projects aimed at solving environmental problems in the mountains, such as clean-up in polluted areas or the installation of sustainable infrastructures to reduce human impact El corredor Kilian Jornet s’ha vist obligat a abandonar la pista quan feia 10 hores, 19 minuts i 56 segons que corria, a causa d’un problema físic. Kilian Jornet announced his retirement from running on Wednesday, with the intention of taking up fishing instead. Directed by: Josep Serra i Mateu Summits of My Life: Daring Adventures on the World's Greatest Peaks. The Kilian Jornet Foundation is a non-profit organization whose goal is the preservation of mountain environments. Portée par Kilian Jornet lors de sa tentative de course de 24 heures et testée par des athlètes de haut niveau lors de la phase de recherche et développement, la S/LAB Phantasm est une chaussure de course sur route légère, conçue pour se fondre avec vos pieds et vous aider à passer moins de temps au sol. The Foundation aims to: Independence, accountability and transparency. We are an independent, transparent non-profit organization. Testing Ourselves by Kilian Jornet and Emelie Forsberg. We welcome ideas and projects from a variety of stakeholders and potential beneficiaries, with whom we establish productive partnerships and networks to jointly collaborate and cooperate. Un 24 heures sur piste ! Obrir vídeo. Like Kilian, it is important we all become team players while we develop an individual consciousness in order to preserve our mountains and their environments. We boost enriching synergies and enhance direct communication. Solidarity. Promote media coverage and key solution-oriented policy messages. Le spécialiste espagnol des courses d’endurance extrême Kilian Jornet s’essaye ce vendredi en Norvège aux 24H sur piste, un oeil sur un record vieux de plus de 20 ans. Jornet reconeix finalment que té més números per patir un accident a la muntanya perquè passa el 21% del temps despert fent-hi activitat. Way up high, during the frigid windy night, Kilian attempts to … We can directly or indirectly positively contribute to a global and sustainable mountain environment preservation. Step by step, mountain by mountain. Share existing technologies related to mountain preservation. High mountains and glaciers are an essential part of the planet life, from the water cycle to the biodiversity, and my foundation is aiming to work for the protection of this regions and its role in the planet health.”. Understanding these as non-violent acts, in order to bring about change to protect and preserve mountain environments. The Spaniard Kilian Jornet has numerous records and great victories in trail running and ski mountaineering to his name. Since an early age he developed a very unique relationship with mountains and their environments, he has always felt very grateful and appreciative for such an opportunity.

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