Electronic Press Kit. More specifically, it’s a place where promoters, venue managers, journalists, and music supervisors can find all of the info they need to promote you. Remember to credit the photographer when used. All the content on EPKs is downloadable media meant to provide the reader or recipient with all information the necessary to include in a program, review, or article. Jeremy Woodhouse / Holly Wilmeth / Blend Images / Getty Images. BIO . The first known EPK, as we know it today, premiered live on the web on January 8, 1995, and was invented and given the exact name electronic press kit or E… Put everything in one place, and increase your chances of getting booked. Daniel Senie (guitar, banjo, harmonica, vocals) and Faith Senie (mandolin, bass, ukulele, dulcimer, vocals) tap into dreams and everyday life in crafting their original songs. An EPK or electronic press kit is a professional music resume for musicians, artists, bands, and DJs. Simply click one of the below social sharing buttons and unlock the sample instantly: Electronic Press Kit Example <‘right click’ then ‘save as’. Dan and Faith are an award-winning, New England-based husband and wife singer-songwriter duo who describe their music as dream-inspired folk. To ensure only genuine musicians and bands are creating and applying to band openings. Your electronic press kit (EPK) is your professional music resume that promoters, venue talent buyers, journalists, and music supervisors use to understand who you are as an artist, what you bring to the table, and ultimately why they should care about you. Readers will especially appreciate the fixed sidebar with the press kit’s outline. The EPK, as it is known, is a traditional promo package in a digital form that lives on a band or band manager's website. An EPK may be a dedicated page on your website or its own published page. Select the best photo you have or you may even use a poster from a film. An active calendar doesn't just demonstrate that you mean business when it comes to playing shows on the regular, it also shows the growth of your career over time. What is a social media kit? ELECTRONIC PRESS KIT Click the link below to access high resolution files. Promoters and talent buyers need to get to know you and your sound in a clear and easy package. Create standard press kits or electronic press kits (also known as EPK) for a digital solution to market your services or products. While creating an EPK is time-consuming, it’s an essential resource that defines who you are as an artist to … Download EPK - PHOTO Download EPK - SHORT BIO Download EPK - MEDIUM BIO Download EPK - FULL BIO Busy journalists will be able to easily navigate through the document and quickly find any particular information. Electronic Press Kit. Put everything in one place, and increase your chances of getting booked. Keeping your Sonicbids EPK up to date is the easiest way to show you're serious about performing. You might also gain blog and social mentions. Scroll . Share and track your press kit. Make sure to include clear links to your music on YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud or anywhere else Then get your scrapbook together, and collect your band photos and videos all in one place. Presentation counts. It’s worth remembering that some acts actually offer a free download as part of their press kit. Put Your Best Foot Forward. What is an EPK – Electronic Press Kit Basics. Musicians can create their own EPKs using free programs and widgets and may also house them on hosting sites like SonicBids and ReverbNation. How to Create an Effective Press Kit for Your Business That Stands Out, Terms You Need to Know in the Music Business, A Step by Step Guide on How Musicians Can Book Gigs and Concerts. ELECTRONIC PRESS KIT Photos Tech Rider. Connect your EPK to your social media profiles and show off that swanky lil' follower count. Your Sonicbids EPK gives you space to show that the media takes you seriously as an artist. What is an EPK? It’s your online media and marketing portfolio, designed to provide simple access to your essential information. Careers Join Swiss Re to contribute to predicting, preparing and protecting against the world's biggest risks to make society more resilient. An Electronic Press Kit is essentially your resume as a musician. Whether you prefer staying humble or screen-printing it on your shirts, you know how important reviews and coverage are for your continued success. Every so often a group comes along that’s in a class by themselves. Electronic Press Kit. ELECTRIC PRESS KIT finally released their new album, "LOW COST" on the independent label "BLU-CRUSH RECORDS" in 2015. When doing business with partnerships, record labels, sponsors etc it is important that you have an up to date professional electronic Press Kit completely branded around your core message. Heather McDonald wrote about music careers for The Balance Careers. In the music industry, physical press kits have almost completely been replaced by the electronic press kit. Promoters and talent buyers may review hundreds of potential acts every day; presenting yourself clearly and professionally means you’re more likely to be considered. We include a link to your profile in band openings, to build trust with musicians and help them decide if they will be a good fit. The Sonicbids EPK supports unlimited track uploads, so start loading up those songs. Showcase what matters most to you and to talent buyers: your music! The Sonicbids EPK takes the guesswork out of your presentation and makes it simple for you to put your best showcase together (and it’s free!). With the Electronic Press Kit (EPK), you can make sure that your first impression is a lasting one. Download a printable version of the Press Kit 6. The truth is, creating a beautiful and detailed press kit is only half the battle. By listing the venues and events you've played, you're telling promoters whether you're a fit for whatever they're booking, and letting them see that you're bigger than amateur hour. They are also easier on the budget as production costs are kept at bay with no print production and no postage required to send them. An electronic press kit (EPK) is a press kit equivalent in electronic form. back. In the music industry, physical press kits have almost completely been replaced by the electronic press kit. 5 Things to Do Before You Play Your First Concert, Learn What the Term Backline Means in the Music Business, Use These 7 Templates to Create Professional Press Releases, How to Get a Great Music Gig in 6 Simple Steps. Musicians can create their own EPKs using free programs and widgets and may also house them on hosting sites like SonicBids and ReverbNation. Take the guesswork out of your press kit. Making your digital brand assets easily accessible helps your sales team and marketing team, and it gives you internal documents to share with potential investors and clients. Bio. If you’re an original act, you should prioritise your latest single, or whatever you are trying to book shows to promote. But all musicians and band managers should be aware that not everyone you wish to target with a press package will be open to receiving EPKs. An electronic press kit (EPK) is a digital version of the traditional press kit. You can send your electronic press kit to music industry professionals, clubs, media or anybody who might be interested in your work. Whether you're applying to headline a 300-person room or have a blast with the bar crowd and make a few bucks, you're more likely to book the right gigs for your act. EPK is your press kit in an electronic form. Thousands on six continents choose this press kit over any other - GRAMMY winners, Multi-Platinum artists, speakers, actors, athletes, authors and many more! Contact us Annual Report 2020 Read More about: Annual Report 2020. Ein Electronic Press Kit (EPK) ist eine Pressemappe in elektronischer Form – in Abgrenzung zur gedruckten Pressemappe – und kann sich auf einer CD, DVD oder Website befinden. Biography. Electronic Press Kit Example And Template. Here are some things you should think about including: In general, electronic press kits are considered a welcome change in the world of music promotion. It gives promoters, radio DJs, venue bookers, music writers and podcasters all they need to know. Electronic Press Kit for downloading and printing. It usually exists as a downloadable document (PDF), accompanied by your trailer and other video material on Blue-ray / DVD / flash drive and – increasingly – as a website. An electronic press kit is a must for anyone seeking exposure and publicity as an artist. Promoters and talent buyers need to get to know you and your sound in a clear and easy package. Es richtet sich an Journalisten elektronischer Medien wie Radio, Fernsehen und Internet.. EPKs werden insbesondere für Kinofilme und Musikprojekte hergestellt. Electronic Press Kit Corporate Brochure Corporate Brochure (PDF 6.4 MB) Executive Team Bios & Photos Biography Photo Bradley Campbell Color (JPG 2 MB) Jeffrey P. Castelli, Ph.D. Color (JPG 2 MB)… The above is an example of a EPK as you can make using the below guide. Promoters and agents (before anything else!) THE REACHERS . Take the guesswork out of your press kit. It can also include press photos, videos, upcoming tour dates, backline requirements, and other marketing information. Being able to see your fan counts at a glance gives talent buyers a solid idea of the size of your draw. Close Navigation. She has worked in the music industry for over two decades. An EPK, or electronic press kit, is a great tool to help artists promote their music. The Essential Elements of an Electronic Press Kit (EPK), What's Included in an Electronic Press Kit (EPK), Learn How Sonicbids Works With Its Electronic Press Kits (EPKs), Here Are Some Tips on Booking and Etiquette of Being an Opening Band. Your EPK helps them to understand who you are, what you’ve done, and why they should care about you. Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify – Wherever your music is, make sure it is listed in your EPK. Scroll down for EPK Template options and Electronic Press Kit examples. For this example, let’s say you’re creating an electronic press kit template for a film: Cover If you want to create a great first impression for your free press kit template, make an appealing cover as this is the first thing people see. An EPK also showcases your talents to the music industry. EPKs can handle more information in a user-friendly format than physical press kits. If you already have a website for your music, you may be wondering if it’s really worth it to go through the trouble of creating an electronic press kit (EPK) as well.It’s true that there’s going to be some overlap in content, but your website and EPK actually serve different purposes for different audiences. What's the Purpose of a Music Press Kit for Musicians? Your Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is your music resume Create your EPK. You can see an example of the kind of good quality press kit you can make here. The EPK, as it is known, is a traditional promo package in a digital form that lives on a band or band manager's website. Whether you’re drumming up business for your brand or trying to win new clients for your company, Adobe Spark lets you create a press kit that will set you or your organization apart from the competition. An electronic press kit (EPK) is good for SEO because it allows people to easily build backlinks to your site. ELECTRIC PRESS KIT With a constant line-up since many years, Emmanuel D. (composer, Guitarist and vocalist) and Jeff J (bass guitar), these two musicians plays a very personal music, an explosive cocktail of Indie rock and post-punk. Some simply prefer the traditional hardcopy, so be sure to find out the preferences of the people you are contacting. Let everyone know by collecting all your best mentions in one place. An electronic press kit or EPK is a collection of music, pictures, biographies, and relevant information assembled to inform journalists, media, blogs, festivals, radio, broadcasters, and promoters about an artist and their musical releases. What Is an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and Why Does Every Musician Need It? The Reachers are a 4-piece original American rock group out of Virginia that deliver on a captivating, high energy, stadium-esque live performance. Got press? An electronic press kit can be hosted on a project’s website, or accessed through an EPK service provider. exclaimed a multi-platinum-selling customer. Showcase your newest singles, album or Ep and let people know about your past success while bringing them up to speed on future goals. An electronic press kit should always contain the musician's biography and details about releases. A social media kit includes information from your media kit repackaged for social media. Cross Anchored is such a group … one that every pastor and promoter should get to know. Promoters, talent buyers, and booking agents often review dozens, if not hundreds, of new Artists every day. You Have a Chance to Play a Showcase Gig—Should You Do It? are going to want to hear what you sound like. The press kit for the film Sneakers was accompanied by a floppy diskcontaining a custom program explaining the movie and was one of the first electronic press kits by a film studio. An EPK usually takes the form of a website or e-mail, though they are also known to exist in CD and DVD form. Electronic Press Kit Service. 'Best EPK out there!'

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